How To Scale Threat Detection & Response With Snowflake & Securonix

How To Scale Threat Detection & Response With Snowflake & Securonix

Apr 28, 2022

Securonix brings exciting new capabilities to the field of threat detection and response thanks to its integration with Snowflake. Together, the two companies provide a split-architecture solution that solves the problem of data silos and enables organizations to make better, more timely decisions about potential threats to their organization. It’s a next-gen SIEM solution already finding widespread use in such organizations as healthcare institutions, airlines, and telecommunication companies.

In this episode of “Powered by Snowflake,” Augusto Barros, VP of Cyber Security/Evangelist at Securonix, chats with Daniel Myers about how it all works. From its ability to ingest all of an organization’s data from original data sources and bring it together into a single platform for processing and enrichment, to its ability to store that data in Snowflake in a cost-effective way that makes it useful for retrospective investigations, Securonix puts important new tools into the hands of those responsible for corporate security.

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