Supergrain Offers Snowflake-Native Messaging Solution

Supergrain Offers Snowflake-Native Messaging Solution

Jun 23, 2022

Supergrain’s mission, says company CEO and Co-founder George Xing, is to “create the fastest, easiest, most frictionless customer engagement product experience for our customers.” In this episode of “Powered by Snowflake,” he explains to host Daniel Myers how Supergrain is meeting that goal. The key, he says, is that the Supergrain software runs directly on a customer’s Snowflake instance, giving them the ability to use any and all of their Snowflake data to create messaging campaigns. Marketers need no programming or SQL experience to use Supergrain’s point-and-click interface to create audience segments, or its drag-and-drop template interface to create designed messages, which can be personalized using any of the data in the customer’s Snowflake database. Most importantly, no copying of data is ever necessary, eliminating one of the biggest challenges that plagues traditional customer engagement platforms. Watch the video to learn more.

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