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Open, Interoperable Storage with Iceberg Tables, Now Generally Available

Thousands of customers have worked with Snowflake to cost-effectively build a secure data foundation as they look to solve a growing variety of business problems with more data. Increasingly customers are looking to expand that powerful foundation to a broader set of data across their enterprise.

Simple, Sustainable, and Secure Storage for Mid-sized Enterprises

The mid-sized enterprise is the fastest-growing market opportunity for data storage. But not just any storage system will do. These days, mid-sized enterprises must handle the complexities of unremitting data growth and distributed infrastructure, meet sustainability goals, manage the diverse storage needs of mission-critical applications, and respond to user requirements. Oh, and they need uninterrupted access to their data no matter what.

Apache Ozone - A Multi-Protocol Aware Storage System

Are you struggling to manage the ever-increasing volume and variety of data in today’s constantly evolving landscape of modern data architectures? The vast tapestry of data types spanning structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data means data professionals need to be proficient with various data formats such as ORC, Parquet, Avro, CSV, and Apache Iceberg tables, to cover the ever growing spectrum of datasets – be they images, videos, sensor data, or other type of media content.

Hitachi Vantara Unveils Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One, Signifying a New Hybrid Cloud Approach to Data Storage

Single data platform will provide a simplified experience to consume and manage block, file, object, and mainframe data, with flexible consumption as an appliance or software-defined across public cloud and on-premises.

Video Storage for Creators: What You Need to Know

So you want to start creating videos but need help determining where to store all that footage? Don't worry; we've got you covered. As a creator, having a solid storage solution is critical to an efficient workflow. You need somewhere to dump all your raw footage, keep your project files safe during editing, and have enough space for final exports and backups. And as your channel grows, your storage needs will only increase.