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Will ChatGPT Save the Chatbot Industry? (Part II)

In part one of this two part series, I reviewed the history of the chatbot, my 2003 patent, and the reasons why the conditions weren’t right for the type of chat experience we’re all now enjoying with ChatGPT. For part two, we get into what has changed and the different ways enterprises can drive modern chatbot experiences with ChatGPT.


Deploying an LLM ChatBot Augmented with Enterprise Data

The release of ChatGPT pushed the interest in and expectations of Large Language Model based use cases to record heights. Every company is looking to experiment, qualify and eventually release LLM based services to improve their internal operations and to level up their interactions with their users and customers. At Cloudera, we have been working with our customers to help them benefit from this new wave of innovation.

LLM ChatBot Augmented with Enterprise Data

This video demonstrates how to use an open source pre-trained instruction-following LLM (Large Language Model) to build a ChatBot-like web application. The responses of the LLM are enhanced by giving it context from an internal knowledge base. This context is retrieved by using an open source Vector Database to do semantic search.

Do chatbots and voice assistants make mobile shopping more expansive?

E-commerce is on a steep rise with 95% of purchases expected to be made online by 2040, and mobile shopping responsible for a 500bn average year-on-year growth since 2017. AI-enabled agents can differentiate your mobile strategy while elevating your conversion rates and the customer journey.