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Data Science

Interview With Director of Data Science, Michael Chang

For our latest expert interview on our blog, we’ve welcomed the Director of Data Science and Machine Learning at Included, Michael Chang. Michael helps measure and optimize workforce diversity and inclusion efforts through data. Prior to Included, Michael worked in various data capacities at Facebook, Teach for America, Interactive Corp, and eBay. Michael also enjoys teaching and is an adjunct instructor for data science at UCLA Extension and Harvard FAS.

Data Science: The Future of Corporate Finance

Corporate finance must change. Across industries, an organization’s Finance team should shed light on what’s happening today with revenue and other financial indicators, while also predicting what the future may hold. And they must do the same for the entire organization. Until recently, it would have been impossible to meet these expectations. Excel-driven forecasting requires herculean efforts to wrangle data and report numbers by the end of each quarter.

Apache Ozone Powers Data Science in CDP Private Cloud

Apache Ozone is a scalable distributed object store that can efficiently manage billions of small and large files. Ozone natively provides Amazon S3 and Hadoop Filesystem compatible endpoints in addition to its own native object store API endpoint and is designed to work seamlessly with enterprise scale data warehousing, machine learning and streaming workloads. The object store is readily available alongside HDFS in CDP (Cloudera Data Platform) Private Cloud Base 7.1.3+.

Data Science + Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is at a critical turning point, especially in the wake of the global lockdown that caused companies worldwide to conduct more online business than ever before. No organization is immune to data breaches, as hackers are using more sophisticated techniques — such as artificial intelligence — to perform these cyberattacks.

Recruiting and Building the Data Science Team at Etsy

In this episode of Data+AI Battlescars (formerly CDO Battlescars), Sandeep Uttamchandani talks to Chu-Cheng, CDO at Etsy. This episode focuses on Chu-Cheng’s battlescars related to recruiting and building a data science team. Chu-Cheng leads the global data organization at Etsy. He’s responsible for data science, AI innovation, machine learning and data infrastructure. Prior to Etsy, Chu-Cheng has led various data roles, including at Amazon, Intuit, Rakuten and eBay.

Sisu named as a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor in Analytics and Data Science

I’m thrilled to announce that Sisu has been recognized as a Cool Vendor in the May 2021 Gartner Cool Vendors in Analytics and Data Science report! In the era of cloud data, the bottleneck in analytics has shifted, from aggregating, accessing, and processing data to enabling everyone in an organization to make use of all that collected information.

Data Science vs. Big Data Marketing

Data science and big data are essential in today’s world of marketing. You’ve probably already seen multiple instances of both being used for advertising and sales purposes, but you may not realize just how useful they are. If you own a business, you need to know how to use data for your own marketing programs.