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Why PIM software is essential for a B2B eCommerce?

When we talk about e-commerce, we are focusing on providing valuable information through the content, services, and experiences. While B2C has better performance when using a PIM system, B2B needs it most as it gives the business the option to specify the precise workflow and all crucial product information for an effective B2B marketing plan.


Why ETL is Critical for Ecommerce Data Success & How to Start

It’d be hard to find anyone who’d say that taking a data-driven approach to business decisions is not worthwhile. Yet, so many businesses aren’t doing it because, as simple as it may sound on paper, it takes a great deal of strategic planning to pull off. One of the most crucial tools when it comes to accomplishing a data-driven decision-making process is known as ETL.


The Biggest Mistake in E-Commerce: More Data Means More Business Value

This is a guest post for written by Bill Inmon, an American computer scientist recognized as the "father of the data warehouse." Inmon wrote the first book and first magazine column about data warehousing, held the first conference about this topic, and was the first person to teach data warehousing classes.


10 Customer Success Tools That Work Well For Ecommerce Businesses

Customer service has always been the underdog that significantly affects a business’s performance but is always overlooked due to a lack of time and resources. While businesses focused on generating more revenue, they missed an important contributor to that revenue- a positive customer experience. Using the customer’s perspective to stay aligned with the evolving customer needs is essential for your business to foster a customer-centric culture.


Rohlik: How to become an e-commerce unicorn with data

Rohlik is a data-driven e-commerce that bridges the gap between food producers on the one hand and retail consumers on the other. By delivering the best quality food blazingly fast without compromising on quality, Rohlik has expanded across the European continent, operating multiple brands including Knuspr, Gurkerl, Sezamo, and Kifli, and growing 53% year-over-year. Becoming the first Czech unicorn company in 2021. Rohlik used Keboola to drive data-driven processes from day one.


Low-Code Development is the Future of E-commerce Ecosystem

Industries all over the world are hopping on the digital transformation bandwagon to keep up with the ever-advancing technologies. The e-commerce industry continues to progress through this transformation as more and more people buy and sell over the internet. While other industries took a hit during the 2019 pandemic, e-commerce businesses boomed as people were stuck indoors with just their electronic devices.


Best BI Tools for Ecommerce |

Our three key points are: How well do you really know your Ecommerce business? If you have no way of accessing your store’s real-time big data, you can’t see a snapshot of your business at any point in time. Without a business intelligence software platform or BI tools, you’re missing out on real-time benefits.


10 Critical E-commerce Metrics To Track Unified Customer Insights

Digital industries have come a long way in recognizing the value of their customers' data for making well-informed and timely decisions. Businesses invest a lot in implementing innovative strategies, but they also need some metrics to observe the effectiveness or success of those strategies to drive future decisions. Like any other industry, metrics in the e-commerce industry are quantifiable measures of an online business's performance.


Futuristic Ecommerce Data Trends--Are They Within Our Reach?

Digitalization has significantly accelerated ever since the 2019 pandemic. Fortunately, Ecommerce is a flexible industry that is capable of constantly evolving with changing digital trends and global developments. Customers today use multiple devices like smartphones, laptops, and desktops, and employ all these channels to gather product information. Ecommerce businesses offer omnichannel shopping for these customers to seamlessly shop between all these devices, with multiple payment options.