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eCommerce Software Development: Testing for Black Friday

Welcome back to Test Case Scenario! In this episode, you'll be joining our host Jason Baum, along with panelists from Sauce Labs, as they delve into the realm of software testing for eCommerce, with a special focus on the significant shopping holidays, such as Black Friday, that are upon us! This episode is a must-watch, as it will provide crucial insights into potential software challenges that could affect your eCommerce operations and Black Friday promotions!
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9 User Experience Tools To Increase Shopping Cart Conversions

From the moment Tom, the upcoming rapper, comes to your digital store, picks the latest Nike, to when he walks out with his loot, he deserves a user experience smoother than Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. If your site fails this litmus test, you may as well say goodbye to the emerging artist (and his money). If you succeed? Probably a conversion (and maybe a free promo in his next EP?). So, how do you rev up your site’s shopping cart conversions and turbocharge your revenue while at it?

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Top 8 Tools To Ensure Your Ecommerce Site's Best Results

The digital world today is one cut-throat environment, especially when you stop at the doors marked ‘ecommerce’. These platforms are now more than just online shops where your customers walk in, select their choice of clothes and bounce off to a Cinderella ball in a strange castle. They’re now about experiences. And like any good experience, it should come seamlessly, or you’ll end up bleeding customers to your competition big time. So, you could be a budding entrepreneur.

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6 Best Ecommerce AI Tools You Should Master in 2023

Setting up and running a successful ecommerce store has never been easier. Tools like Shopify have always kept things simple, but the rise of AI has made it extremely straightforward for anyone to create various assets required to run a successful ecommerce store. These include landing pages, images, ads, and so many other things. The rise in AI has led to the introduction of hundreds and thousands of new SaaS tools.

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Shopify vs. Wix - A Comparison to Choose the Best

New to ecommerce and want to set up your store? It is such an exciting time for you, but have you decided what platform will be best for you – Shopify vs Wix? It is quite a confusing question for many who will take their first step toward online business. Not everyone in this world can be a tech geek, so for the readers who are still in the phase of choosing between the best ecommerce platforms, this article will help. Before comparing both, let’s start with basic information.


What is the need of e commerce in 2023?

Are you curious about the future of e Commerce websites and what it holds for your business? Do you often feel the need of e commerce website and parallelly think that investing in an eCommerce website wastes resources due to the competitive digital landscape? Or is handling an offline store more convenient than handling it online? We agree that these are some of the questions that usually come to your mind when you think of introducing your brick-and-mortar business into a digital space.


Live streaming for e-commerce: How to upgrade your shopping experience

Retail’s great revolution from bricks and mortar to e-commerce might have seemed complete. But another chapter of the story is being written. As in-person retail fights back by focusing on in-store experience and service, a new online retail trend is helping to replace the human factor otherwise missing from e-commerce.

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9 Useful Resources for Running a Brand New eCommerce Store: From Sourcing Inventory to Shipping Products

Advancements in technology and other factors have contributed to the continued growth of the eCommerce industry. This growth has led to the development of different eCommerce platforms, plugins, tools, and other resources that can help businesses drive revenue generation and save time during their operations. Unfortunately, it can get confusing for new eCommerce business owners to choose the right tools and resources.

Why PIM software is essential for a B2B eCommerce?

When we talk about e-commerce, we are focusing on providing valuable information through the content, services, and experiences. While B2C has better performance when using a PIM system, B2B needs it most as it gives the business the option to specify the precise workflow and all crucial product information for an effective B2B marketing plan.