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How Xray empowered seamless test management and automation synergy for a Telco Provider

The company is a leading provider of fixed and mobile telecommunications services, radiating excellence across Latin and Central America. With an illustrious track record stretching over 30 years, they offer services that connect roughly 45 million consumers, by a fiber-cable infrastructure reaching over 13 million residences.


CityFibre Integrates and Scales Its Data Estate to Boost Operational Efficiency and Optimize Its Future Network With Snowflake

CityFibre is one of the U.K’.s biggest fibre networks, connecting millions to high-speed broadband. Piyush Shandilya, Data Architect at CityFibre explains how the company uses Snowflake to process and analyze large, integrated data sets at speed, powering future growth and delivering next-gen connectivity. CityFibre is the U.K.’s third largest gigabit network and is predicted to connect 8 million people by 2025.

How DISH Wireless Benefits From Data Products Built With Confluent

Over the last few years, DISH Wireless has turned to AWS partners like Confluent to build an entirely new type of telecommunication infrastructure—a cloud-native network built to empower developers. Discover how data streaming allows DISH Wireless to: Deliver data products that turn network data into business value for customers Harness massive volumes of data to facilitate the future of app communications Seamlessly connect apps and devices across hybrid cloud environments.

Cartrack Fleet Integration with Linx

Cartrack is widely used for fleet management, and they offer a web service to manage jobs, customers and drivers. This post covers how you can integrate your system and the Cartrack API with Linx. The idea is to provide a base template solution to make it easier to integrate with the Cartrack API. Bring your integration requirement, add your system connectors and call the Cartrack API with the provided functions.


Pincho Nation: Insights at Double Speed & Six-Figure Revenue Growth With Keboola

With Keboola, Pincho Nation can: Established in 2012, Pincho Nation has reimagined the dining experience with its unique concept. Since then, it has swiftly expanded to 70 outlets. This innovative restaurant chain puts customers first, offering them the convenience of ordering and paying through an app to significantly reduce their waiting time and improve service satisfaction. However, there's more to Pincho Nation than meets the eye.


Why Eyefinity Chooses Ghost Inspector Over Every Other Test-Building Software [Case Study]

For the past 30 years, Eyefinity has been a leader in cloud-based software and technology tailored to the vision care industry. Eyefinity offers reliable patient care solutions for ophthalmologists and optometrists, with a client base in over 20,000 offices across the US. As a company dedicated to providing the most seamless customer experience for doctor and client, Eyefinity knows that Quality Assurance is paramount to maintaining.


How Euromedia Increased Sales Growth by 12% With Data

Euromedia CZ is one of the biggest players in the Czech book market that runs three businesses in one: The book market in which Euromedia operates is notoriously challenging, not only because of its niche nature, but also because of the wild economic trends during Covid lockdowns. Post-Covid Europe and Russia's war in Ukraine have both had a huge impact on consumer demand.


How Geckoboard Uses Ghost Inspector to Keep Thousands of Real-Time Data Dashboards Running Smoothly [Case Study]

Numbers don’t lie, and it’s Geckoboard’s mission to equip data-driven companies with high-quality, real-time KPIs that help motivate teams, gauge performance, and assist in important decision-making. Because of its user-friendly interface and far-reaching data accessibility, Geckoboard boasts a client list in the thousands, including Ticketmaster, Airtable, Loom, and StanleyBlack&Decker.


How Cigniti and Katalon reduced testing efforts by 50% for a leading cruise line in the US

Cigniti is a global digital assurance and engineering company that manages and implements enterprise digital transformation projects. One of its premier clients, a large cruise line headquartered in Florida, rolled out a fleet of the three most modern ships in the world. The cruise line commissioned Cigniti to develop web, mobile, and tablet automation supporting the back office, onboard staff, and customers.