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WSO2 Advances Developer Productivity With Latest API Management and Integration Offerings

Developers can now manage data planes for WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 API Platform for Kubernetes with the same control plane, develop integrations in VS Code using Micro Integrator for VS Code, and utilize AI assistants to streamline efforts.

Sauce Labs vs BrowserStack: The Best Testing Tool in 2024

BrowserStack and Sauce Labs are industry-leading, cloud-based web and mobile testing platforms for developers. Both platforms offer quality features to streamline and simplify testing across browsers and devices. If you’re choosing between BrowserStack and Sauce Labs, looking at the basic features won’t cut it. You need to dig deeper and identify where the two vendors differ.

Unveiling WSO2 APK 1.1: Kubernetes-Native API Management

We're excited to introduce WSO2 API Platform for Kubernetes (WSO2 APK) 1.1, a key update to our Kubernetes-native API management solution. This release leverages the strengths of Kubernetes to offer high-performance and cloud-scale API management, ensuring automation, reliability, and improved developer experiences. Traditional API management solutions aren't built for Kubernetes environments, leading to issues with performance, scalability, and manual configuration.

Introducing WSO2 API Manager 4.3: Stronger, Streamlined API Management

We’re delighted to announce the release of WSO2 API Manager 4.3, a significant upgrade that enhances your API ecosystem's performance, security, and scalability. WSO2 API Manager, an industry-leading open source API management solution, offers a unified platform for creating, publishing, and overseeing APIs, enabling organizations to securely expose their services with both internal and external stakeholders.

Introducing Insomnia 9.0 with Pre-request Scripting, Improved Offline Access, API Mocking, and 100+ Improvements

Kong Insomnia 9.0 is now generally available for download. It ships with many new features and improvements — over one hundred improvements in total! This new version of Kong Insomnia also makes it much easier to migrate from other products with a more reliable “import” experience, while improving the speed of using the product and making it more customizable. Let’s dive into all the notable features.

Snowflake Arctic: The Best LLM for Enterprise AI - Efficiently Intelligent, Truly Open

Building top-tier enterprise-grade intelligence using LLMs has traditionally been prohibitively expensive and resource-hungry, and often costs tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. As researchers, we have grappled with the constraints of efficiently training and inferencing LLMs for years.

A Software Engineer's Tips and Tricks #1: Drizzle

Hey there! At Koyeb, we really like diving into technical stuff. But here’s the thing: not every cool thing we stumble upon or think about needs a massive blog post. And honestly, not everything we’re into is directly related to what Koyeb does or about infrastructure in general. So, we’ve got an idea: what if we start sharing these bits and pieces with you in a series of really short blog posts?

Should You Use Ruby on Rails or Hanami?

Ruby on Rails is the most popular web framework in the Ruby ecosystem and has a large user base, ranging from freelancers to large established companies. With an active user community and wide-ranging documentation, it can be used to build everything from simple applications to complex web platforms. That said, a new contestant is taking on Rails’ dominance for the full-stack Ruby framework title: Hanami.