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WSO2 is Moving From Slack to Discord in October 2022!

WSO2 will be officially moving from Slack to Discord from Saturday, October 1, 2022. Our Slack community has grown to over 7,000 users, and we are excited to have them be a part of our new community on Discord! You can join the WSO2 server by clicking here. We love Slack, but it's not built for large online communities as it lacks certain moderation features. Which makes sense – after all, Slack was built for corporate teams.


2023 CDP Platform Guide: What to Look for in a Customer Data Platform and Our Favorite CDPs

The better you understand your customers, the better you can optimize and focus your marketing and products. This is where a customer data platform (CDP platform) can help. A CDP platform automates the process of aggregating and analyzing historical and real-time customer data from the widest variety of sources. Then it transforms that data into accurate and actionable business insights.

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An Introduction to AI-generated Content and Generators

Artificial intelligence is one of the most popular, yet misunderstood phenomena in the world. Many people get their ideas about AI from apocalyptic Sci-Fi movies rather than an understanding based on science or observation. The truth is that many pieces of software, websites, and applications already use AI. An AI writing generator is not that difficult to obtain. AI can even make music, create pictures, or talk to you. Chatbots have been a thing for more than two decades.


Overcoming Data Security Challenges in Cloud Computing

As we transition to a cloud computing architecture, data security and privacy must be given top priority. Data loss or data leakage can negatively affect an organization’s brand, reputation, and customer confidence. Data misuse is possible when multiple organizations share resources. Therefore, it is essential to protect data repositories as well as the data that is involved in processing, transport, or storage to reduce risk.


G2 Fall 2022 Reports: Keboola rated top in 7 categories

Since the beginning, Keboola has been designed to be a world-class data platform as a service. Based on the results of this season’s G2 statistics, we have succeeded yet again. The purpose of the Keboola platform is to make our customers’ data processing simple, reliable, and transparent throughout the company. We love our customers and value the feedback they've given our teams over the years.


OctoPerf Spira Integration tutorial

We’ve recently been working with folks at Inflectra to develop an integration between Spira and OctoPerf. If you don’t know about Inflectra and Spira they offer a very cool test management solution (among other things), you should check it out. In this blog post we will highlight all the steps to follow in order to setup this integration. This way you’ll be able to see the benefits of working with both tools in your organization.

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How to Choose Mobile Devices for Testing 2022

Learn the latest best practices for knowing which mobile devices to test on, plus our recommended devices to test on by region and business size. With the rapidly increasing popularity and complexity of mobile apps, you need to make sure your app works as intended across various device models, operating systems, and browsers.