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Koyeb Serverless Platform Public Preview

Today, we are super excited to share that the Koyeb platform is available for everyone in public preview. If you don't know us yet, Koyeb is the developer platform to build, deploy and scale full-stack applications where your users are. We've been working on the platform since early 2021. The private preview has been intense with over 10,000 developers joining the community and now over 3000 applications running on the platform.

Kong Inc. supports the newly announced Envoy Gateway project to reduce fragmentation in the Envoy ecosystem

Today, the Envoy community has introduced Envoy Gateway, a new project to better support Kubernetes deployments via the new Kubernetes Gateway API, which is the next generation Ingress specification in Kubernetes world. Kong has been deeply invested in the success of Envoy since we started developing Kuma in 2019 – now used in Kong Mesh (built on top of Kuma).

ThoughtSpot Launches New Editions for Individuals and Teams to Democratize the Modern Analytics Cloud

New edition enables companies of any size to take advantage of the Modern Analytics Cloud and build their business on data, paying only for what they use instead of shelfware licenses sold by traditional analytics vendors.

ThoughtSpot Expands the Modern Analytics Cloud to Help Companies Dominate the Decade of Data

New capabilities empower customers to use insights to drive actions, take advantage of any kind of visualization, and embed Live Analytics seamlessly into products and services to get the most value from the entire Modern Data Stack.

Propelling into the Digital Orbit: Cigniti's Digital Journey and Insights into our Acquisition of Aparaa Digital (RoundSqr)

Successful companies are those that are becoming Digital First. Research shows operating models, EBIDTA margins, market share and brand longevity are all tied to Digital experiences that companies can offer to their end customers. No vertical segment is exception to this. Digital today is a dialogue that confluences a cross section of CXOs inside a company whose goals are tied to Digital outcomes that they own and deliver. As Marc Anderseen famously said, Software is eating the world.

New! Embed analytics even faster with CodeSpot

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of CodeSpot, a searchable repository of ThoughtSpot blocks and code samples to help developers embed engaging analytics experiences into any app for the modern data stack. CodeSpot harnesses the knowledge and experience of ThoughtSpot Everywhere developers, data analysts and engineers, and product experts to build a broad ecosystem of shareable assets to accelerate development projects and benefit our developer community and customers.

Now generally available: BigQuery BI Engine supports many BI tools or custom application

Customers who work with data warehouses, running BI on large datasets used to have to pick low latency but trading off freshness of data. With BigQuery BI Engine, they can accelerate their dashboards and reports that connect to BigQuery without having to sacrifice freshness of the data. Using the latest insights helps them make better decisions for the business.