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Web CI on Bitrise: Beta announcement

Mobile developers love using Bitrise, and we get it. But we also know your products and automation workflows extend beyond just mobile apps. That's why we're thrilled to announce Bitrise's expansion into web CI/CD! While in beta, this is your chance to help shape an industry-leading solution for your entire development process.

Xray continues to excel in Customer Service with the new Stevie Awards in 2024

With the Silver and Bronze Stevie Awards, Xray reaffirms its commitment to outstanding customer support and service excellence. Xray, a leader in software testing solutions, is proud to announce its recent awards in the 2024 Stevie Awards. It secured a Silver Stevie for Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year and a Bronze Stevie in the Customer Service Department of the Year category for Computer Software companies with up to 100 employees.

Insight With Eyesight: Qlik Introduces a New Era of Visualization

Our ability to tell stories is an art form as old as language itself. From ancient cave paintings to oral traditions passed through generations, the essence of stories has evolved alongside our communication methods. It began with visual tales etched on cave walls, transitioned into spoken narratives, and eventually found its way into written, printed, and typed forms.

Introducing Cloudera's AI Assistants

In the last couple of years, AI has launched itself to the forefront of technology initiatives across industries. In fact, Gartner predicts the AI software market will grow from $124 billion in 2022 to $297 billion in 2027. As a data platform company, Cloudera has two very clear priorities. First, we need to help customers get AI models based on trusted data into production faster than ever.

Logi Symphony Soars in Latest Dresner Business Intelligence Report

insightsoftware’s Logi Symphony, a leading embedded analytics solution, continues to impress. According to a recent Dresner Advisory Services’ Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study, Logi Symphony has been recognized as a leader in the field. This recognition highlights Logi Symphony’s commitment to exceptional customer experience and its strong reputation within the BI and analytics industry.

Appian Recognized as a Leader for Process Mining

This year at Appian World, we announced the launch of Process HQ. This next-generation process mining capability combines both process and business data in a single place, automating process analysis and empowering users with intelligent recommendations for where and how to take action. And because it’s part of the Appian Platform, you can immediately apply these improvements to your processes using our AI automation and workflow orchestration capabilities.

Introducing Choreo Copilot

We're excited to introduce Choreo Copilot (preview), which allows you to interact with Choreo. You can pose questions in natural language and Copilot will provide answers. Choreo Copilot enables you to grasp Choreo concepts, teaches you how to perform tasks in Choreo, and provides guidance when you encounter obstacles. Copilot is familiar with APIs in Choreo’s internal marketplace. Choreo already features an AI capability that enables API testing through natural language.