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Top 10 iOS Libraries of 2023: Stay Ahead of the Game

This is the most fertile time for app development since the launch of the App Store 15 years ago. Our industry is in the grip of several simultaneous revolutions, each of them bending, flexing and moulding to the others. 5G promises to make our apps 10 times faster; wearable technology lets them wrap themselves around our bodies; artificial intelligence enables them to learn from us and get smarter every day. But this torrent of innovation brings challenges, too.


Update your software testing strategies in 2023

In today's evolving world, companies keep pushing for new goals and objectives, which are usually bolder and aim higher. As a QA Manager, there’s a constant need for you to keep evolving and ensure that your testing strategy helps the company succeed. Here’s how you can plan your testing strategy in 2023 to ensure you hit your quality goals.


Importance of Human in the Loop (HITL) in the Data Annotation Process

Contrary to what we see in the movies, artificial intelligence (AI) today is not capable of doing and learning everything on its own. It greatly and principally depends on the feedback that it gets from people. “Human in the Loop” (HITL) refers to the role of human feedback in the AI training process. Before getting into the concept of humans in the loop, let us understand the need for accurately annotated data and get the annotated data at speed.


Is Data Observability the new Anti-Virus?

We often find it hard to remember the world we left behind, but cast your mind back, say, 20 years, and we lived in a very different world. Personal Computers and the internet were on the rise, and businesses were all becoming connected. This provided companies with immense opportunities in terms of collaboration and digital adoption, and on the flip side, it eased the distribution of computer viruses. Today we barely even think about our antivirus software and policies.


Kong Certifications and Training: Level Up Your API IQ

The joy (and sometimes woe) of working in technology is that we’re forever learning. The software stack is constantly changing, so innovators come to embrace a lifetime of learning. In this ever-evolving IT landscape, measurable skills have become the global currency for IT professionals. In this post, we’ll talk about the selection of courses offered through Kong Academy and the Kong Certification program, as well the benefits of microcredentials for employers and employees.